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We pride ourselves in specialising in a variety of facade finishes


The perfect solution for low maintenance facades

Thin-coat acrylic and silicone flexible renders are particularly suited to large projects where maintenance is, or could be an issue. More often than not thin-coat acrylic and silicone renders are applied on to external wall insulation system and are also suited very well to refurbishment projects where cracking has been an issue in the past. When coupled with a base coat and full mesh, thin-coat acrylic and silicone renders out perform any other systems as they have ‘self-cleaning’ properties.


Adding the splash of colour your building needs

Monocouche rendering (one-coat) is premixed, cementious, breathable, external / internal decorative through colour rendering method. The main difference between traditional sand and cement render and through coloured, ready mixed renders, is that the latter is coloured and gives a crisp, clean finish, come in over 50 standard colours and allows your building to breathe. Sometimes referred to a K rend.


Fast installation and increased U-Values

External walls of properties built around 1920 and earlier are likely to be solid rather than cavity. Cavity walls are made up of two ‘skins’ or layers with a gap between them which acts as an air barrier to reduce heat loss. Solid walls do not have this gap, which means heat can pass through them more easily. Solid wall constructed buildings can have as much as 45% heat loss, hence why they can be physically cold and damp to the touch.

In order to combat these problems, we can supply and fix expanded polystyrene or phenolic insulation boards to the external face of the solid walls and apply a choice of pre-coloured render finishes from a variety of manufacturers.

External wall insulation is fast becoming the architect’s choice even for new buildings. Combined with block work, not only does it increase the speed of an installation, it also allows the building to achieve higher U-Values (when compared with traditional methods).


Simple, light-weight and energy saving

Rainscreen cladding is fixed to the exterior wall with an adjustable aluminium sub construction or timber battening. This creates a cavity between the façade and the render carrier board which can be part filled with mineral fibre insulation for effective external wall insulation.

This type of system protects the walls, keeping it dry while allowing it breathe. And because of the ventilated cavity, there is no limit to the lightness value of the render finish. Even the darkest colours can be used.

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